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It is time for another exciting edition of the calendar!

This Week's Important Dates
6/26- askani's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6/29- littlefrog29's birthday. ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6/29 - 7/2 selphiealmasy goes to an anime expo! OOO!

ALSO last week we forgot to add tigerpetals's birthday which was 6/22. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

*If you want to add something/anything, comment!
*If you want to see the calendar, Go Here!
*Check the calender to see that your dates are right.
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Just pretend I'm Jaime, okay? Practically the same icon. Really. No difference.

6/10 eternalslacker's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6/13 daddybear716 has a job interview! Good luck!
6/14 daddybear716 has another job interview! Good luck again!
6/14 princessjessia's wedding anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS!
6/15 buffette's birthday! ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6/15 ohthatisbadnews's birthday! ALSO ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
6/15 littlefrog29 finishes exams! That's AWESOME!
6/16 princessjessia's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TOO!

Wow look at all the stuff happening!
Anyway, if you want to look at the calendar you can do so here and if you want to add something to the calendar or I got a date wrong or something just comment to this post and it will be added!

Much Love
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I have a calendar announcement!

Tomorrow, blondeweasley has Track & Field finals, so I thought we should all send a little luck that way. Good Luck!

livebythebooks has an AP exam on Thursday. Good Luck!

semi_subtle has an AP exam on Friday! Good Luck!

Typically, I'll probably do this once a week, on Sundays or Mondays, but this is the only event for the week, so I thought I'd do it now!

Remember, if you want to add something to the calendar, just let me know. Want to see what's happening? Go see it.