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Hogwarts is Home

it's lit

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⚡hogwarts is home⚡
Welcome to Hogwarts is Home, the LiveJournal sorting community based on Harry Potter that features tons of contests, debates, in-house activities and member-exclusive contest communities. To join in the fun, simply join platform_934 and fill out the application!

Got a problem? Something else? Figure out who to contact!
What Do I Do?- PDF | ⚡HiH Organizational Chart- PDF | ⚡HiH FAQ- PDF

Term L House Cup: Slytherin

Reigning Prefects:

Points at the End of Term
Gryffindor: 3310
Hufflepuff: 14108
Ravenclaw: 1372
Slytherin: 16960

Community Membership is always being cleaned; if you are not a member here, at hogwartsishome, you will be deleted from any sub-community that you are a member of. You may rejoin after properly joining this community first. Furthermore, if you have not been sorted and stamped at platform_934, your membership here will be denied.

Point System | Complaints/Suggestions | Leaving Post for Members | Activity Approval for Officials | Officials Icons
⚡how to join⚡
01. Join platform_934.
02. Fill out the application provided there and post it, making sure that you...

  • put it behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know how, go here and learn.

  • bold the questions. It will make your application much easier to read and therefore earn you a much better response.

  • are very specific. The longer, the better! The more we know about you, the more accurate our sorting will be. Short answers will earn you 'No Votes'. Also, do not neglect spelling and grammar. LJ has a spell check -- use it!

  • do not tweak your answers to get into a certain House. We'll know it, and we won't hesitate to use the 'Muggle' vote.

  • do not post the application to any other community -- platform_934 only!

03. Wait for the other members to vote on your application, and then receive an official stamp from our Voting Managers. You may not join other communities or participate until this is done.
04. Once you've been stamped, you're in! You can then join all of the other communities, vote on new members' applications, and participate in activities. If you've got any questions, please ask your prefects.
05. Keep in mind that if the queue is backed up, your application won't show up right away. Please be patient -- it will be posted soon enough!
06. If you are Muggled, you may apply again after two weeks.
07. If you receive a majority of No Votes, you may edit your application, or apply with a new one.
⚡general rules⚡
These are the rules for the whole community, this includes hogwartsishome and all of its subsidiaries.

  1. Do not bash other Houses. Anywhere. Doing so will lose your House points. Also, do not post about how your house is misrepresented or stereotyped wrongly. We've seen it all before -- stick that sort of thing in your common rooms.

  2. Do not use derogatory terms or incessant obscenities. We realize that how offensive something is depends upon who is being insulted, but a lot of things are obvious and we expect you to be smart enough to know the difference. If a Mod or Prefect sees something of this nature, we will warn you (or take points, depending on the severity and if you've been warned previously); if you see something offensive that an official does not see, please email us.

  3. Use appropriate spelling and grammar in your posts -- anything with excessive net speak or other severe mistreatments of the English language will be deleted, and the poster will be warned.

  4. The start of any in-community drama or flame wars will result in major point loss. Encouraging drama will also result in points loss. If a controversial topic is posted, you are free to speak your opinion -- you must, however, respect everyone else's right to do the same.

  5. Do not post general questions about the community or activities. Please email the appropriate official or the Mods, or perhaps use your common room to ask other members of your house. Any general questions or complaints about the community that are posted will be deleted.

  6. The use of sockpuppet LiveJournals is strictly prohibited. Any suspicion of this act will result in immediate banning. Suspicion includes but is not limited to... Journal recently created, little or no friends, little or no posts, little or no comments. Also, we keep track of IP Addresses. You are forewarned.

  7. If you feel harassed by another member either in instant messages, email, or LJ comments, please inform them that you wish for them to stop or you will report them. If they continue, please contact us with all of the evidence so that we may deduct points accordingly. Please note that this is only for situations that are related to HiH and its subcommunities.

  8. Please keep all content, sigtags, icons, posts, within the community's rating. This community is rated in line with the BBFC 15. To find out more about that rating, please refer to the 'rating' section below.

  9. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. This includes sharing answers, collaborating unless specifically allowed by the activity guidelines, and abusing officials access to view answers. Voting fraud is also prohibited, including telling others to vote for you or identifying your entry to others. If someone votes for their own entry, their vote will not be counted, their entry will be disqualified, and 10 points will be docked from their house. Any other form of cheating will receive a more severe penalty based on severity of the offence.

  10. Respect each other.

The first time you break any of our rules (unless it is outlandish by all standards), you will be warned. Thereafter, it will result in a point loss for your House -- or worse, banning. If you have issues with a warning or point deduction, please email us; posting complaints about the issue will most likely move the point loss or warning to a permanent banning.

Hogwarts is Home operates on a three strike system. Break the rules three times and we will have to ask you to leave the community.

The community is rated according to the BBFC's 15 rating. To read more about the rating, please go here.
We do not require much of our members when it comes to participation, but we do have a few guidelines.

We note who participates each term -- at the end of the year we produce a list of people who have participated in at least 1 activity or joined the community within a term (a term lasts 4 months). With that list we then remove anyone who is not a member of hogwartsishome and their common room.

We then post this list to the community and allow people who do not meet the above criteria 24 hours to say they'd like to stay. After that we conduct the members cut.

If you'd like to leave/re-join HiH, please use your house-specific post!
Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

Reminder: leaving posts in the main comm will result in 10 points gone and a ban from returning for 6 months.
platform_934: Join the Sorting Community. You must be sorted here to be able to join the Main Community.
hogwartsishome: Get invited to the Main Community. You must be a member here before joining other communities.
hih_greathall: Join the Great Hall: post anything and everything here.

hih_appeals: Apply to the Appeals Community if you feel you've been sorted improperly.

The System: A site we use to keep track of a member's knuts and item's owned amongst other mod-related things.
Members' User's Guide
General Member's Guide

Diagon @ the System: Sign up to get a vault, and purchase your own wand, textbooks, and more. (hh_diagon was our old Diagon Alley)

hih_mods: The Mods Community -- leave suggestions here!

gryff_lions: Get invited to the Gryffindor Common Room if you're a lion!
the_puff_house: Get invited to the Hufflepuff Common Room if you're a badger!
ravenclaw_house: Get invited to the Ravenclaw Common Room if you're an eagle!
cunningfolk: Get invited to the Slytherin Common Room if you're a snake!

hh_flourish: Join and order custom made signatures and graphics (for free) while earning points for the shopkeepers who make them!
hogsmeadewkends: Join and look out for trips to Hogsmeade every six weeks for special contests and wild, unleashed fun!
hh_clubs: Not everything has to be Potterverse-related when you join the various clubs we house -- and earn points while you do it!
hih_animagus: Join to register to be an animagus!
hh_stamping: Join and fill out one of several applications to be stamped as a Harry Potter character!
sortedchallenge: Join to be able to watch a Members Only graphic challenge community.
hogwartsicons: Join to post your Harry Potter - related icons here and earn points!
hh_sugarquill: Join to post fanfiction and fanart for points, as well as enter special-issued challenges.

hih_thesystem: A syndicated account that shows updates from The System's main page.

hihdailyprophet: Apply for a reporter's position at the HiH Daily Prophet, heard a good rumour...?

hh_order: Join the Order and get invited to the Order's loitering grounds. Scary!

hih_judges: For appeals judges only, this is where they discuss appeals.
hh_clubsmods: For for club moderators only.
hih_officials: For past and present officials only.
⚡current staff⚡
HogwartsisHome mods: email
Head Mod: theaeblackthorn
Gryffindor: la_loony
Hufflepuff: xfortytwo
Ravenclaw: slumber
Slytherin: growling

TERM L Officials
Gryffindor Prefects
Apply here

Hufflepuff Prefects
Apply here

Ravenclaw Prefects
Apply here

Slytherin Prefects



Voting Manager:

Hogsmeade Mayor:

Stamping Mod:

Closed & now a club
Daily Prophet Editor
Sorted Challenge

Closed for points

Order Mod
⚡elsewhere online⚡
⚡Twitter: @hihnews | ⚡Tumblr: fromplatform934
lims_hp | hp_graphics | hpicons |

If you wish to be affiliated, please email your request to the Mod and optionally use the button below to link back here!

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