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Hello all!

So, I had a massive rethink of the timezones page and I present to you:

Sas' amazing timezone thing

It tells you your current time, the current time in UTC.

More importantly it now also lets you enter a time and date in UTC and see it in your timezone, or enter one in your timezone and see it in UTC.

No more thinking is required!

If you feel it didn't live up to my H1 hype, tell me what you think can change :)
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Just a quick check, did anyone get a different amount of knuts deposited into their account than can be found on the knuts sheet?

I've got one inconsistency, and I'm sure there's a logical reason, but if there's more than one it'd really help me spot it because I could compare them.

Just comment here with what you got and what you expected.


ETA: Ok, one problem down, the results on the knuts sheet are correct. The figure in 'your activity history' reads the dates from the 1st of last month until the 1st of this, however last month we didn't end until the 4th, therefore it's included the last set of December top sorters, etc.

Still got a problem of a difference between what was deposited and what the knuts sheet said you should get.

All problems sorted. Someone bought a book at the exact second I deposited the knuts.
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Celebrate Voldemort's Defeat Day?

Hey, guys! My friend was going around Facebook and she found an event for Voldemort's Defeat Day (I'm still trying to get her to join the comm but she still has to join LiveJournal first; that lazy bum)! :D I even pimped our community XD Haha. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys wanted to celebrate it? I don't know if we already do this but it looked like fun [^___^] The event is an actual event that you go to. It's just something to unify the world. But yeah, just thought if you guys wanted to join, you could and maybe we could do something on HiH? I have no idea. Little random claw is being a little random.
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January Points

January Points

Gryffindor: 37,780
Hufflepuff: 25,785
Ravenclaw: 42,462
Slytherin: 30,537

Well done Ravenclaw!

Points, Knuts & Activity.

If there are any problems with points you'll need to contact the person who ran the activity.

Remember: you can move an activity about within a month as much as you'd like, but if you want to go over the month boundary you need to inform me. And late points incur a penalty.

Knuts will be deposited in ~24 hours, and that's roughly when Diagon will be updated too.

DEPOSITING KNUTS NOW. Diagon's been udpated XD
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Layout Contest Results

Well! Here we go! Layout Contest Results!

1st nanerbear with um_maybe of Gryffindor
2nd voldy92 with termxvilayout of Hufflepuff
3rd erzsebet with hihtestingxvi of Gryffindor

Participation points go to:





The slight delay from yesterday was there were a couple of changes (font size, contrast in one section) that I asked nanerbear to make, which she kindly did! Thank you! I just wanted it so it would be accessible to everyone!

ETA: She was speedy, it was me deciding to ask her that was slow :)
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Hi all!


The main comm just had a bloody annoying spam attack but I managed to get the bugger banned in 2 minutes from all our comms, so the main one only got ~10 comments, but if any of you did, just delete them, the spammer should be taken care of. Which, reminds me, possibly I'll change the security settings of the main comm. I don't even know why we're not flocked. Hm.

Anyway, it also made me realise that the layout contest results hadn't been posted. Sorry guys! I don't normally do it and keep forgetting that I've taken it on this term. Results will be up in a moment along with the layout.

- sas x
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House Unity Banner Contest WINNERS

Hello friends! =D

Sorry this took me so long to post, but here are the winners for the House Unity Banner Contest!

1st Place: rhye of Gryffindor
2nd Place: erzsebet  of Gryffindor
3rd Place: an_ardent_rain  of Ravenclaw and princessbloomy of Slytherin

erzsebet  40pts/15 knuts
fizz_buzz  10 pts/ 5 knuts
sparklycockles  10pts/ 5 knuts
gryffinwhore  10pts/5 knuts
chosenfire28  10 pts/5 knuts
rhye  50 pts/ 20 knuts
red_planet31  10pts/ 5 knuts
inabsentialuci  10pts/ 5 knuts
blackestbird 10pts/ 5 knuts

classical_wolf 10 pts/5 knuts
end1essly 10 pts/5 knuts
lokechild 10 pts/5 knuts
voldy92 10 pts/5 knuts
lotrangel17 10 pts/5 knuts
laniii 10 pts/5 knuts

senbonzakura77 10 pts/5 knuts
zestyzorra 10 pts/5 knuts
rideinthelimo 10 pts/5 knuts
an_ardent_rain  30 pts/10 knuts

awry 10 pts/5 knuts
willfully 10 pts/5 knuts
rockerchica826 10 pts/5 knuts
know 10 pts/5 knuts
princessbloomy 30 pts/10 knuts
persephoneia 10 pts/5 knuts
djmayhem_aubrey  10 pts/5 knuts

Total Voting points:

Gryffindor: 26

Hufflepuff: 6

Ravenclaw: 6

Slytherin: 10

Overall points:

Gryffindor: 186

Hufflepuff: 66

Ravenclaw: 66

Slytherin: 100