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Minimods & Flow charts!

I was going to hold this announcement back and do a big one at once, but I'm going to put these out there now.

Each community has a Minimod incharge of them. The list is under the cut, but I also made you a lovely organisational diagram to go with it:

Organisational Chart. PDF.

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What does this mean? It means that if you have a problem with one of those communities then you should contact the minimod, but CC Steph and I in as well (although it's not strictly necessary).

I've also made you guys a flow chart that I'm going to link to in the userinfo! It's for helping people figure out who it is they need to contact!

What Do I Do?. PDF.
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Hey y'all! Jessi just kind of vaguely pimped my new obsession in her troll-warning post in the platform, and then told me I could post a pimp-it advertisement in the main community, so I thought I'd give it a whirl! <3

sortinghat_rp . sortinghat_logs . iseeyourcrack . shooc_up

Your average pan-fandom, AU!RP, sortinghat_rp takes characters from all walks of life and thrusts them into the living, breathing world of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter. A genre of endless possibilities, from drama to crack or angst to horror, players warp their character's canon to become a member of the ever exclusive Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry. Set in reality's time-period, the backdrop is the late 1960's; long before the birth of Harry Potter and prior to characters such as James, Lily, and Remus attending Hogwarts. Voldemort is beginning his first rise to power and thickening his forces, making the ominous feeling beginning to surround the wizarding world hard to ignore. Who will your character be in the midst of this? Student characters can range from first years to sevenths, or professors to teaching-assistants. All we ask from you is your presence and creativity.

Will your character be a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff? Will they teach Defense Against the Dark Arts or Herbology? That's all up to your portrayal and of course the choice made and stated from the Sorting Hat.

I play Justin Law from Soul Eater and Joker from Kuroshitsuji, but they welcome any fandom, anime or tv or whathaveyou (House is in charge of a class called "Pre-Mediwizard Training" for instance, lol). SO YEAH, COME APPLY! This game is currently my obsession, and I love it. <3

And I don't mind betaing applications for anyone who wants it, either, so just let me know if you need someone or have questions or anything. :D And before you ask, no, they're not affiliated with us in any way, so no points involved; just creativity! I'm just there to have fun lol. XD
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Term XVI Officials Icons

Hey everyone! This is Alicia of Gryffindor, for those who don't know ^.^ A new term is around the corner, and that means new icons! Thank y'all so much for voting on my set[s]! I am so glad y'all like them! You can find your Officials Icons for Term XVI in a post in my personal journal here: Term XVI Officials Icons.

Sas/Steph/anyone else who notices mistakes or something I may have left out, just let me know! Also, I made 2 variations of the Quidditch icons, because I couldn't decide what looked better XD

Please make you sure y'all save these & upload them to your own server. Thanks!

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More Announcements

Hi again!

I know I'm being very wordy again, just lots of things have reached their final decisions this evening!

zestyzorra approached us explaining that she would like an appeal but having been such a long standing member she didn't feel, and we agreed, that she could get a fair appeal and other circumstances.

Previously this has happened with older members and we have simply moved them.

Instead with 6 mods now (2 main mods, 4 mini mods) we agreed that we would feel best if we carried out an appeal between us for special cases. We carried it out like a regular appeal and waited for the 6 of us to discuss and a majority to come to a decision.

Following this I would like to announce that she has been resorted into Ravenclaw. She will tie up a few loose ends within her previous house and move over.

There will also be some clarification of rules for sorting, resorting and appealing at the beginning of next term.

I'm going to keep the comments here screened if anyone would like to say anything. There's also the option of emailing which will now reach all 6 of us.

Sas & the Modding Team!
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More Things!

So, it's quite possible I've said conflicting things because my head hasn't really been in this.

Points are due by the...

Monday 4th January 2010 5pm GMT


<.< That means that last week ending on that Sunday counts. It's optional for officials to include it though, or rather. They can chose to, or not to, if they choose not to just hand in both sets of points for the week ending the 10th.

Voting manager doesn't have to drop applications, it's her choice. It's a lovely chilled out world in inter-term week.

Questions, etc, comment here.
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Term XVI Officials

Hi guys!

Before I announce the officials I want to say a couple of things.

Firstly, if there were any out-of-house votes for a prefect position they were excluded. If someone had more than two positions the rest were given to the next person.

The Ravenclaw HI mod position voting will go up shortly.

And thus, the officials positions!

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Generally they'll get power about the 3rd, or 1st, roughly, maybe. Depends when the old officials wrap up.
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Chamber of Secrets Randomness

Chamber of Secrets, bringing houses together, right? Well why limit it to just the people on our teams. Post here to talk about your favorite activities, most challenging ones, and just whatever.

As an added bonus, with Free Dobby going on, this gives us all a place to chat amongst ourselves so that we do not all seem like a bunch of idiots trying to create reasons to talk to our Lucius' (well...not as big of idiots...cause lets face it, who could look more like an idiot than this guy:)

So come! Chat!
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House Unity Activity: Stuff My Stocking

Hello, everyone! Who's still in the giving spirit? More importantly, who's still in the receiving spirit? Let's have one more House Unity activity on my watch ('cause I just can't let you go!) What shall we have, you ask?

A GIFT MEME! AND RIGHT AROUND CHRISTMAS/HANNUKAH/KWANZAA/WHATEVER!!!!! HOW CONVENIENT! Same as regular gift memes, if you'd like to receive a gift, simply comment to this post by filling out the text box below. After that, all you have to do is give other people gifts to earn points!

First gift is worth 10 points, additional gifts are worth 2, up to a cap of 30pts/15knuts.
Deadline is 12/27/09 at midnight EST/5am UTC (12/28)

And I just want to say, since this will probably be my last post as House Unity Mod (at least for this term), thank you for all that you do, and thanks for making HiH what it is. I've had so much fun being here for you guys and doing these activities with you! I'm gonna cry if I carry on for too much longer, so for now I'll just leave you with this:

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Officials Voting

Hi all!


  • You can't vote for youself. You can't ask people to vote for you. If we detect instances of cheating we will act on it. Only members of HiH can vote.

  • Only house members can vote for their prefects.

  • et_tu_lj and I have gone through and editted the applications for instances where we felt they weren't anonymous enough. Any problems, email us.

  • Everyone votes for HI mod because everyone interacts with them.

  • If there isn't voting for a specific position that means we voting wasn't needed.

We still need applications for Debate Leader and Hogwarts Icons Ravenclaw representitive. Apply here. Applications open until the 24th of December. Depending on Christmas and such.


HI Gryffindor
Insomniacs Mod
The Order
Quidditch Mods
Sorted Challenge
Writer's Block
Year Book

Houses only:

Voting will last until the 26th of December. Winners will be announced shortly after. No, don't ask me what that means, it's Christmas you guys, it won't be long.