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*pops out of her lurking-zone* Hey fellow HiH... peoples. First, very stunned with a 23/1 results on that who's-who thing, but I must admit, it is very true... *grin* I should try not to lurk so much, eh?

Anyhow, there is a purpose to this post. It's pretty much a question on pre-ordering HBP. I, naturally, want it the first day... no, the first *hour* it comes out. But I'm going to be out of town (visiting me best bud shakiracrazy) that weekend, so I am absolutely stumped as to what to do. Does anyone know if there is any possible way I can somehow preorder at my own Borders in my own town, and then somehow get them to transfer the pre-order to a Borders a good 3 hours away? Or do I just bug my friend endlessly to pre-order for me? CAN you preorder two books?

Thanks to anyone that can help me... I don't believe I am breaking any rules in posting this, am I? *glances around nervously* I looked around and didn't find anything against a question, so... *grin*

Right. See, I'm alive, Rachy! Hehe. Thanks to anyone who can help... I already said that.

or Suvi
or Lady Blue Elf
or that random girl that draws and writes too much
of the Gryffindor House
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