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OK Listen up everyone!

As stated on Www.mugglenet.com,s omthing or another about the realeas date. Im as excited about the book as you guys are, but that’s a lie, unless they set a release date a year before the release.
I read so long ago, from a reliable source * can’t remember so sorry* that the 6th book
* Not named then* would be out AFTER! The 4th movie. Now here in Canada, the movie is coming out 18 of November 2005. That is a year away. Now, last book, it was written, but wasn’t released for a while. She’s not done writing the book and the actual process of publication hasn’t started yet either. And where did everyone get June from?
Now, this January ting, if it is true, it’s only saying when the release date, it’s the release date of the release date.

Yea, I think that’s it, for now
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