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Thanks for voting and a reminder...

Hi there, fellow Hogwardsians... ;)

First of all, I'd like to thank you for voting for me as Bertha Jorkins... Yay, I got a 18/5... Err... What exactly does that mean??!?

Also, I'd like to remind the writers, the roleplayers and those of you who are both of my survey, that still needs some answers (got 66 of 300 so far). It's for my final thesis, and you would do me a great favor, if you answer it. To give you a prize, I'll promise one week without revolution for every answer... ;D
If you wanna helpme, please go here and follow the instructions... Thank you very very much...

Btw. every answer is of worth to me, since I also need a control group. So, if you have some spare minutes and don't play RPG or write, you can also take the survey. It's you opinion, that counts... :)

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