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Hey guys! A couple of things...

If you've been delaying applying for Quidditch because you've had a lot of work, etc. tomorrow is the last day Captains will be accepting your applications. If you haven't heard, we're also offering 10 points and 5 knuts (to be spent at hh_diagon when it's up and running in the new year.) So please just take a little time and apply in your common rooms :)

Also, I've seen a lot of this going on at platform_934, and I'm not sure if the policy extended from hogwartshouses, but you ONLY Muggle someone if they are REALLY really trying to get into a certain house (like they mention bravery every sentence, or say they'd like to kill all muggles and take over the world), NOT if they didn't explain their answers enough. We Muggle big fat liars, not the inarticulate :) (Otherwise Ron would've been a muggle since he couldn't explain to Hermione he was upset at Yule Ball because he loooveess her. hahaha. *hides from H/Hr shippers*)
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