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Amazing Stories of House Unity: Valentine's addition


Amazing Stories of House Unity!

Welcome to the first addition of Amazing Stories of House Unity, where
you can share your tales and experiences of House Unity at HiH!

Without further ado, here are your stories...

Ever since we first met on HiH, [info]calairiel and I have struck a cord. Our ideals, plans for world conquest peace, and interests are very similar, and we get along amazingly well. I can be a bit flighty since I am online at work, but I always look forward to our chats over AIM and am glad whenever she messages me. I only have a handful of friends I keep in contact with this frequently. I know it isn't a story as much as it is a shout-out, but I figured I should share the love.- [info]dependonyou 


An Ode to a Nic
Once upon a time, a lovely drawing Nic posted.
Olga commented on it, anticipating to get Gryffindor roasted
But to her surprise, the lion replied with an emoticon smile
And Olga saw her later in the House Unity chat love pile
they bonded so deeply over youtube videos and Julian and Conor
to visit an Elliott Smith concert would be their greatest honor
Who ever thought that these two Houses ever could unite
Combining their rich colors of scarlet and yellow, preparing to fight
The perilous challenge that is Hogwarts House Unity, an insurmountable quest
but complete with love and acceptance, these two stand out from all the rest
Their friendship is one never to be torn asunder
as long as Hogwarts is Home stands, Olga and Nic will be rockin' it like THUNDAH



Mihael and I have been dating for awhile now. While when we first met, both of us were Slytherins, as we've grown up together our personalities have changed into separate houses: her Gryffindor, mine Ravenclaw. And believe me, it's much more interesting to be in different houses. Where she's emotional and bold, I'm logical and introspective. I always tease her for being ultra-brave and undyingly noble, while she laughs at me for "Cawwing" (meaning any time I'm talking about anything remotely nerdy or academic with excitement).

To be honest, sometimes it's hard not being in the same house. It's hard not to win points for the same team. I often miss the days when we would do activities together for Slytherin, trying to win the cup together. But really, I wouldn't trade the experiences we have being in different houses, and all the things we learn about each other by being different. She teaches me to be bolder and be able to process my emotions better, while I try to get her to see the logical side of things. And we still have fun doing activities, and hey, who said a little rivalry was wrong? ;D.

Having people close to you from other houses is the best way to get to know yourself even better. Everybody needs somebody who is their foil, and Mihael is mine.

Kaitlin | Ravenclaw


I actually joined HiH because of two people, both from different Houses (Ravenclaw and Slytherin), recommended that I come and play. Also, my best friend here is from Slytherin!



Epic games of 'Marry, Shag, AK', 'Oregon Trail', and pretending to be a dragon will always have a special place in my heart (near the tricuspid valve, I think).

Love you, HU chat =)


Is your best friend in Slytherin? Just met somebody awesome from Hufflepuff? Wrote a song with a Ravenclaw? Lively character discussion with a Gryffindor? 

Please reply here with your stories!. All stories must be under 250 words

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