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House Unity Amazing Stories of House Unity


Hello everybody!

This is your friendly neighborhood House Unity Mod, (aka Luna Rose), bringing you some news, and an apology.

First of all, look at our lovely new banner! Isn't it pretty?

If you have noticed my absence for the past week, sorry about that! To make a long story short, I don't like being sick. *BLEH*

Anyway, on with business. I planned on announcing this days ago, but I will do so now.

There will be a new feature to House Unity called Amazing Stories of House Unity!

What is this, you may ask? It will be a bi-monthly, (every other week), post, all about your stories of House Unity!

Is your best friend in Slytherin? Just met somebody awesome from Hufflepuff? Wrote a song with a Ravenclaw? Lively character discussion with a Gryffindor? 

We want to hear about it!! Let's show HiH that House Unity is alive and growing, and help encourage others to get out there and mingle!

Please reply with you stories to this post. All stories must be under 250 words. You just might see them on Valentines Day!

I know that only leaves you four days to submit, I am sorry, I wanted to post this earlier.

( This is a PERFECT way to do a shout out, or a heart felt love decloration to some of your HiH friends. *hint**hint* )

Speaking of Valentine's Day, what to you all want to do? Feb. 15th gifting meme?

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