sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

Just a quick check, did anyone get a different amount of knuts deposited into their account than can be found on the knuts sheet?

I've got one inconsistency, and I'm sure there's a logical reason, but if there's more than one it'd really help me spot it because I could compare them.

Just comment here with what you got and what you expected.


ETA: Ok, one problem down, the results on the knuts sheet are correct. The figure in 'your activity history' reads the dates from the 1st of last month until the 1st of this, however last month we didn't end until the 4th, therefore it's included the last set of December top sorters, etc.

Still got a problem of a difference between what was deposited and what the knuts sheet said you should get.

All problems sorted. Someone bought a book at the exact second I deposited the knuts.
Tags: points & knuts, term xvi, the system

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