Luna Rose (eowyn_rain) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Luna Rose

House Unity Banner Contest WINNERS

Hello friends! =D

Sorry this took me so long to post, but here are the winners for the House Unity Banner Contest!

1st Place: rhye of Gryffindor
2nd Place: erzsebet  of Gryffindor
3rd Place: an_ardent_rain  of Ravenclaw and princessbloomy of Slytherin

erzsebet  40pts/15 knuts
fizz_buzz  10 pts/ 5 knuts
sparklycockles  10pts/ 5 knuts
gryffinwhore  10pts/5 knuts
chosenfire28  10 pts/5 knuts
rhye  50 pts/ 20 knuts
red_planet31  10pts/ 5 knuts
inabsentialuci  10pts/ 5 knuts
blackestbird 10pts/ 5 knuts

classical_wolf 10 pts/5 knuts
end1essly 10 pts/5 knuts
lokechild 10 pts/5 knuts
voldy92 10 pts/5 knuts
lotrangel17 10 pts/5 knuts
laniii 10 pts/5 knuts

senbonzakura77 10 pts/5 knuts
zestyzorra 10 pts/5 knuts
rideinthelimo 10 pts/5 knuts
an_ardent_rain  30 pts/10 knuts

awry 10 pts/5 knuts
willfully 10 pts/5 knuts
rockerchica826 10 pts/5 knuts
know 10 pts/5 knuts
princessbloomy 30 pts/10 knuts
persephoneia 10 pts/5 knuts
djmayhem_aubrey  10 pts/5 knuts

Total Voting points:

Gryffindor: 26

Hufflepuff: 6

Ravenclaw: 6

Slytherin: 10

Overall points:

Gryffindor: 186

Hufflepuff: 66

Ravenclaw: 66

Slytherin: 100
Tags: house unity, results, term xvi

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