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Points Reminder

Hi all!

Just a reminder that all points need to be submitted by:

Monday 1st Feb by 5pm UTC

These are all the outstanding points so far. Now, I know a lot of these activities haven't quite finished yet, but here's the list (just because it always freaks me out a little)

Animagus: Animagus of January
Animagus: Animagus Sorting Batch#1 January
Animagus: Animagus Sorting Batch#2 January
Animagus: January Scavenger Hunt #1
Animagus: January Scavenger Hunt #2
Appeals: Judges' Pay
Care of Magical Creatures: Activity 14: make your own animal
Care of Magical Creatures: Activity 15: where did it come from
Defense Against the Dark Arts: A Day in the Life of Quirinus.
Divination Club: Pallomancy
Dueling Club: Best Duelist
Dumbledores Army: Reverse Trivia
Dumbledores Army: Riddikilus Boggarts
Flourish: Header/Icon Contest
Flourish: Shop points January
Gryffindor: TERM XV Winners Icon and Sigtag
Gryffindor: Top Sorters January Week#3
Gryffindor: Top Sorters January Week#4
Herbology Club: Herbology Research
Hogsmeade: Layout Contest
Hogwarts Icons: January Week#4
House Unity: Banner contest
House Unity: Discussion Post
Hufflepuff: International Fair
Hufflepuff: Top Sorters January Week#2
Hufflepuff: Top Sorters January Week#4
Insomniacs: Insomniac of January
Insomniacs: Jan. Monthly Contest #2
Insomniacs: Jan. Weekly Activity #2
Owl Post Secret: Banner Contest
Owl Post Secret: Rita Skeeter's Super Sekrit Headlines
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting January Week#1
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting January Week#2
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting January Week#3
Platform 9 3/4: Sorting January Week#4
Potions Club: Potion Puzzles
Quidditch: Fan Activity - Autograph Collecting
Ravenclaw: Top Sorters January Week#3
Ravenclaw: Top Sorters January Week#4
Shutterbug Society: Resolutions Challenge
Slytherin: Pureblood Family Crest Discussion
Slytherin: Top Sorters January Week#2
Slytherin: Top Sorters January Week#3
Slytherin: Top Sorters January Week#4
Sorted Challenge: Challenge #4
Sorted Challenge: jan. banner maker points
Sorters Anonymous: Speed LIMS
St Mungos: Intern Training Challenge
Stamping: January Stamping
Sugarquill: January Mid Month Crack
Sugarquill: January Prompts
Text Contest : You have 1 unread message(s)
The Order: January Order Points
The Slug Club: Banner Contest
Transfiguration Club: Drabble to Icon to Drabble to....
Ward Leader of Obstetrics and Gynecology: Banner Contest
Ward of Common Magical Diseases: Medicine Mixup
Ward of Creature-Induced Injuries: Dangerous Creatures
Ward of Creature-Induced Injuries: Learning From Experience
Ward of Phytopharmacology: Harry Pothead Drabbles
Wizarding Games Club: Jan Monthly Game: Winterbells
Wizarding Games Club: Marauder's Map
Wizarding Wear: House Unity Styling Contest
Wizarding Wear: Shopping Discussion
Writers Block: January Points
Yearbook Editor: Category Determinations
Young Death Eaters: Club Banner

(Also, yes, I know I'm on the list, but reminders can't really hurt for us all)
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