sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

HiH Layout Contest

Just when you think you're done...

Layout contest voting!


1. Don't vote for youself.
2. Don't vote for the same one three times.
3. Voting closes at: 23:59 UTC Sunday 17th Jan.
4. Something else probably.


a: hihtestingxvi
b: revenant_soul
c: um_maybe
d: hwtester
e: goneddygone
f: lionlayout
g: synchthis
h: hih_termxvi
i: blaqoutthestars
j: gryfflayout
k: xvihihlayout
l: roarwithme
m: termxvilayout
n: testtestmememe
o: villafarris

I can't be bothered to make a poll. So.

Massive note: I'm going to do this different because there are so many entries, vote for the three you want gone, the half with the most votes will go and then we'll vote again on the top half.

Maybe we'll do more than two rounds, idk, I just want you all to have a good say, not just a layout win by one vote because you were all so torn between the pretties there.

ETA: Yes, I am asking you to vote for the three you want as the hih layout least...
Tags: layout contest, term xvi, voting

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