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I'm typing this all as I watch this girl eat dirt in True Blood


Okay guys, so we have little grey areas in need of filling over resorted/appealing members in platform_934, so a few switch ups in the rules department are in order and will be in action the moment next term starts (read: tomorrow).

This is all in regards to applicants in platform_934 please remember:

Two month waiting period from date of sorting - they must leave all communities (including subsidiaries - just so we're clear) before applying again and have not been active for at least a month.

Two months waiting period (previously one month) - applicants' LiveJournals must have been active for two months prior to applying.
If this is a member who was previously active in HiH, but under another username, than they are encouraged to state whether they were a member before and under which username (unless they're aiming for a resort, in which case, look above!).

One month waiting period from date of sorting - member must continue to participate in community and provide evidence of having tried to stay active as a member of their current house. Member does not have to leave any of the communities during the process.
This rule hasn't changed - just reinstating.

Comments screened if the need be, so if you guys have any questions or something you'd like to say about this, say it here and either lovestyle and I will get back to you (depending entirely on who's the fastest).
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