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Don't forget to sign up!

House Quidditch

We need more people for the following (as there are not enough members currently signed up for trials to allow their House have a full team):

2x Beater/Keeper

1x Chaser
2x Beater/Keeper

1x Beater/Keeper

2x Chaser
2x Beater/Keeper

Keep in mind that some team members have signed up for more than one position, so these numbers may actually not reflect what is definitely needed for the final team. You may actually need more people for your house. If houses do not have at least three members (1 seeker, 1 chaser, 1 beater/keeper) by the time trials have ended, they will not have a Quidditch team this term as we will have scheduled games based on what teams are available.

Also, while Seeker is not listed for any of these, you may still sign up for that as well - you can really sign up for whatever you like. XD We won't be comparing scores until after the 13th.

For these, we're holding trials until the 13th. Which means you could sign up on the 13th, technically, but you would have to be scheduled to trial with us ON that day. Best to sign up as soon as possible, that way you have your pick of time and day. :)


World Quidditch Cup
We have quite a nice number of people signed up already for the World Cup, but as this is an experiement in mixed house teams it would be nice if we had more members from each house. Currently we have:
10 Gryffindors
4 Hufflepuffs
9 Ravenclaws
1 Slytherin

Last day to sign up for the World Cup is the 13th, but why wait? :D

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