sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

Sleep Deprived Cookies

Sleep Deprived Cookies for the first person to figure out what this URL is/does:

hint: try changing the item numbers/username. I wouldn't change the style yet XD

- sas // the unable to sleep.

ETA: Smarmy answerers will be, uh. Well. They won't get cookies.

ETA2: Anyone's welcome to use this, it looks nice in <img tags. Also, if anyone would like different images, send them to me as STYLENAMEyes.png and STYLENAMEno.png, for example the ones used in the example are 1yes.png and 1no.png.

I may make a bit more formal post about this sometime. The idea is that they're for club registers, and other places that people need to keep track of bonus items.
Tags: mod post, term xv, the system

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