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mark those calendars!

for those who don't know or who don't read my journal (naughty you! muwahahah) this saturday, may 7th, 7:00pm EST, abc will be showing the chamber of secrets including over 10 mins of extra movieage they like to tease us with since they're not on the dvd. besides that, abc will also be showing clips/shots/scenes from the goblet of fire! last night, i caught hermione coming down a flight of stairs going to the yule ball and underwater omgihavetosavepeoples harry :)

if you missed this last night (again...naughty you!) mugglenet now has screenshots from the commercial and i think the commercial itself. i think that's what i'm downloading. or rather my sister is downloading onto my computer. if there's no draco, i am attempting to make up for that with my choice in icons. XP

now back to your regularly scheduled program....

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