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More Announcements

Hi again!

I know I'm being very wordy again, just lots of things have reached their final decisions this evening!

zestyzorra approached us explaining that she would like an appeal but having been such a long standing member she didn't feel, and we agreed, that she could get a fair appeal and other circumstances.

Previously this has happened with older members and we have simply moved them.

Instead with 6 mods now (2 main mods, 4 mini mods) we agreed that we would feel best if we carried out an appeal between us for special cases. We carried it out like a regular appeal and waited for the 6 of us to discuss and a majority to come to a decision.

Following this I would like to announce that she has been resorted into Ravenclaw. She will tie up a few loose ends within her previous house and move over.

There will also be some clarification of rules for sorting, resorting and appealing at the beginning of next term.

I'm going to keep the comments here screened if anyone would like to say anything. There's also the option of emailing which will now reach all 6 of us.

Sas & the Modding Team!
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