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An Announcement

Ok so, guys! Hi.

I mentioned a small announcement that we'd make before the end of term, and here it is:

Starting next term, there will be a small change in the mod department.

First off, I want to say that I love being mod of Hogwarts is Home (most of the time ;) ) and really, I'm not going anywhere, and I'm pretty sure Steph shares that sentiment.

However, my life's all over the place now, and Steph and I can't be on all the time. HiH is a large community and we want to make sure there's someone there all of the time to handle problems.

We put a lot of thought into finding people to help us and we decided that we'd take on four people as mini-mod types, one from each house.

Now, I want to make this clear, these people aren't here primarily as representatives of their houses, or to give their house a voice and rule its members; that's what Prefects are for. They're here to help us run the community, and there's a person from each house to give a different perspective on each issue. These people were chosen because they've shown they can be impartial and that even though they love their houses, they can put the needs of the community as a whole first and foremost before the needs of their house specifically.

So, if someone's sitting here thinking, 'why didn't they ask me' the answer is most likely you guys love your houses to an amazing degree and we need you in the houses, egging them on and motivating them to win the cup! :) Being a mod, the community has to come before your house.

We spoke about this and all agreed on a team of people who could work together, had proven themselves at running parts of the community previously and were up for the challenge!

Now, they're going to be learning the ropes for the rest of this term, and then fully getting into it with the beginning of the next term. This is a chance for us all to have a fresh start, and I'd really like some of you to think about that as we go into the new Term.

A rough idea of what they'll be up to:
Each community will have a minimod and a mod responsible for it, with the idea that someone can always be reached when there's a problem. The common rooms will stay with Steph & I for the moment. You might see questions answered or tasks done by one of them instead of us, and when there's an issue that affects the community then we'll all attempt to sit and discuss it together. They'll also work with all of us to try and address the community's needs.

So, without further ado! Your new minimods:

beckella of Gryffindor
xfortytwo of Hufflepuff
et_tu_lj of Ravenclaw
nathaniel_hp of Slytherin

I hope you all welcome them to their new positions, feel free to ask any questions here, I'll keep the comments screened if you'd like, and unscreen any congrats, etc, ones :)

Your Mods,
Sas & Steph
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