sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

You guys.

Hey guys,

Now this is really getting quite stupid. It's one person, it's one post. I don't care what you all think it represents, just, get over yourselves.

People should vote how they see the post, and they can vote whatever the hell they want (depending on the rules, for example, and I'd like to remind you all here of what exactly the votes are:

Use the Muggle vote if -- AND ONLY IF -- you feel the applicant is pushing for a specific house. If you don't feel comfortable voting for someone because the application is too short, or because you cannot confidently place the applicant in a specific house, this warrants a No Vote.

4. Do NOT use Muggle Votes or No Votes for any other reasons! Do not 'No Vote' for grammatical errors or incorrect coding. Do not 'No Vote' for House-Bashing either - that is what the Muggle vote is for. Read, vote.

If you honestly think she deserves one of those, then go ahead, you think she should be Claw or Puff or whatever? Go for it. As long as it's what you think. Don't let yourselves get pressured.

If you're worried about the votes being unscreened, don't. We're going to keep them screened and we're going to give your prefects just a list of who voted.

Now, if you'd like to tell me about someone trying to get you to vote a certain way by pm-ing you? You come tell me. Comments to this are screened and will be handled with the utmost confidence.

So yes, thank you all! After the lovely quiet period we've just had, lets all be sensible, it's one application. Seriously.

- sas

P.S. Anyone know anything about LJ's XML-RPC interface?
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