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Just a little 'this is us'! Post :)

So. It struck me some of you may not know what goes on about here!

Well, I'm sure you've all figured out that we compete for the house cup here at hogwartsishome, just like they do in the books. Except a year is a very long time to compete for one thing, especially when so many people come and go in that time, so we run on a School Year of 4 months, which we call a 'Term'.

At the end of each month you'll see totals saying how far each house has come points wise, you get knuts deposited and there's an activity list posted. If you're not on at least one of those lists each term then you're at risk of getting cut from the comm, but that's ok, if you come back we'll let you straight back in!

Anyway, at the end of the four months a lot of other things happen!

1. Officials Icons
You may have noticed all the officials have snazzy matching icons? Well these are the results of a contest held at the end of each term. Most officials are better than me at using them, but they're supposed to give you a heads up when you're dealing with someone 'official' or a member is acting in their modly roles.

2. Officials!
At the end of every four month, all officials with the exception of the main mods, have to reapply for their mod positions. The applications are open to everyone and if we get more than the required number of applicants for a role, we open voting to the community as a whole. This is so one officials don't get stale, or lazy XD It makes them think up new ideas to win you all over in the applications! To be an official you need to have been here for at least two months.

3. Layout Contest
When a house wins the house cup in the books, Dumbledore decks out the Great Hall in the colours of their houses, and that's exactly what we do! When we know who the winner is we hold a layout contest for someone to come up with a layout for hogwartsishome in the colours of the winning house!

4. Phew, what else??
I don't think there's anything else! You probably all know about the end of month things, but if there's anything unclear, feel free to come and ask me, your prefects, your housemates, anyone! We're all happy to answer any sensible questions you might have :)

Officials Icontest & Officials applications will go up soon. We've got a small announcement before the officials applications go up this time that I'm just trying to confirm a few things for.

ETA: 5. HiH Awards
I forget these ones, they're not an official thing but come the end of term a member usually asks if they can do them and we say, 'yes!'. So, basically it's things such as 'favourite badger', 'person who embodies Ravenclaw', 'best cheerleading house', 'award for services to capslock'. But there are tons more, and I think they change every year from what I recall. Possibly lotrangel17 did it last term, but I think that's because noone else volunteered and she wanted to see it done? Anyway, I'll check with her and if she wants to, she can do it, if not, volunteers?
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