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Harry Potter Big Bang + NaNoWriMo HiHers

Hey, as it turns out I am one of the mods for the harrypotterbang (a Harry Potter Big Bang community accepting all fic types, characters, and pairings) and I would like to offer something to the NaNoWriMo participants here at HiH. If you are writing a Harry Potter fic then you are welcome to come sign up with it HERE and get art for your fic. Rough drafts are due November 20th but the way you guys are supposed to be doing it most of you are or will be well past the 15,000 word minimum. Only condition is if you are going to sign up be sure you will finish your fic before posting begins in January.

(If you decide to sign up just include a note that I approved you for my co-mods to see)

Also, Artist Sign Ups are still open and we might be depserate if we don't get some more artists!

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