Luna Rose (eowyn_rain) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Luna Rose

Crazy House Unity chat!

Funny things happen in the HouseUnity chat.

One minute, ladybubblegum from Hufflepuff and I are talking about how bananas in smoothies and shakes tend to take over the flavor, being a very bossy fruit, and the next, we came up with Bananatrix, a cross between Bellatrix Lestrange, and a banana.

Continuing the crazy convo, others joined in, like slightlymore of Gryffindor, and we came up with a few more!!

* Happle Pieter (Harry Potter)
* Dracorange (Draco Malfoy)
* Sirius Blackberry (Sirius Black. We ran out of ideas)
* Remcurrant (Remus Lupin. This was better than Remus Pumpkin)
* Voldeprune (Voldemort)
* Lemon Limegood (Luna Lovegood)
* Snapefruit ( Severus Snape)
* Strawmione (Hermione Granger)

and ladybubblegum came up with Azkablender!

Come join the fun sometime! =D
Tags: house unity chat, term xv

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