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Animagus Reminders!


Only the above named two people have voted on the current batch over at hih_animagus. Since there are five apps up, and we recently upped the knuts from 1 to 3 per app, we're talking about every single person in this community having the opportunity to score 50 points/15 knuts, for half an hour's work. And it's FUN work! And all Registered Animagi get an extra 10 points! That's more than you'd get for placing first in a contest, guys!

GO VOTE!!!!! I may not be scary, but the other animagus mod is a JAGUAR and she will EAT YOU.

Also, don't forget that our current activity at hih_wilderness is open to all! We have some awesome entries so far, but some houses are better represented than others and we only have 5 total. Want to make sure your house isn't behind? Enter here!

And to our Registered Animagi, the current scavenger hunt ends this Friday. Get to it! :)
Tags: animagus & wilderness, reminder, term xv

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