sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

asdgjkkjhghjk I don't know how I didn't post this with the last post.

Points deadline: 5pm UTC Sunday 1st November

Yes, I'm extending it :)

jsyk, I try and make the deadline noon my time because I usually do the points in my lunch hour, but it's a Sunday this month and I'll be back later anyway, so, later points deadline :)

Also, I've been terrible with picking up my officials icons for the last year or so, so I've decided this will now be mine. I will molest you all in a harmless and charming fashion. Honestly.

ETA: might be hungover and sleep deprived and it's just chance I'm near a computer XD Thank my old housemate
Tags: mod post, term xv, the system

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