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Animagus Reminders!

Animagus Voting ends tomorrow night at 10 PM UTC (5 PM CDT). Given the poor turnout last batch, it would be awesome if we could get some last-minute votes and give the applicants some exciting choices! Since there are four applications, you have the chance to earn forty points and 12 knuts - it's the equivalent of placing second in a contest, and every single person in your house can earn it! You do not need to be a Registered Animagus, or even a member of the community, to vote!

So far we have 5 lions, 3 badgers, 2 eagles and 2 snakes. This makes me a sad fox. Go get voting! Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, you usually have a much better turnout than this.

My Look of Disappointment compels you!

For the Registered Animagi in the crowd, you still have several opportunities to earn points before the end of the month: Animagi at Halloween, Scavenger Hunt and Pack Fiction Voting. They all end this Friday. Have fun!

Interested in becoming an animagus? Read all about this simple and painless process here!
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