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St. Mungo's Reminders

HEY HOGWARTS. There's a couple things going on at hh_stmungos which should be attracting your attention!

First, the Creature-Induced Injuries Ward only has three participants in our current activity - two badgers and a lion. Given that you just have to write a couple paragraphs about how not to get eaten, this is ridiculous! You do not need to be a member of the ward to participate, and registered Healers get an extra ten points. Go check it out! It ends this Friday at 9 PM CDT.

Next, the Artifact Accidents Ward is hosting a fun and not-too-difficult Scavenger Hunt. It's another easy 10 pts/5 knuts, and you don't even have to upload the images to your own server. XD Again, you don't have to be a member of the ward to play! Get to it! It ends Saturday at 1 AM CDT.

Finally, for an easy two points you can vote on the Phytopharmacology Ward's Poster Design contest. Get your votes in by tonight at 11 PM CDT!
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