∑¦> (slyfoxesq) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Want to earn some fast knuts? :D

Your humble animagus mods have been secretly upgrading the roster, but real life is stealing away our precious time so we need some helpers!

Basically, you will just be copy/pasting the information from the old roster into a shiny new template. We're looking for three volunteers to copy over about 40 entries each. Depending on your speed, this might take an hour or two. For your trouble, you will be rewarded with a hefty 20 knuts each!

It would probably be best if you have some passing familiarity with html, just to make sure you don't accidentally mess up a tag, but it's not necessary if you're careful! You should also have Notepad or another program that lets you save as a .txt document. Also, we'd like this done within the next couple days, so don't sign up if you don't have time to do it asap! You do not have to be an animagus to help!

First come, first serve!
3/3 Volunteers

Thank you for your interest, but we're all full! Holy crap, that was fast!
Tags: animagus & wilderness, term xv

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