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Help needed in London!

Hello, lovely Hogwartians! I have a question (or three) for you! <3

In two weeks I'm going to London with my dad for six days and I'm having a hard time finding stuff to do (plus I'm a bit lazy so I give up easily...). We're thinking of spending one of the days in Oxford, and a day shopping/going to the cinema/messing around randomly/London Eye (maybe) and so on, but we don't have much to do the other days...

So, I was wondering if some of you live in or have been in London a lot and could tell me fun things to do or see? Is there some sort of museum of London history? Other museums worth visiting? Any happenings we shouldn't miss? We're going to stay in a hotel near Hyde Park, by the way, if that helps..? XD Also, anything that's not typically "tourist-y" would be fantastic!

Thank you!
Muffin the Puffian
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