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Moving and Moving On

*comes in on broom and waves to everybody in the hall; crashes* Bleegh~ okay, well, I'm moving tomorrow (or today) and won't have internet for a little while until I get everything settled. I'll try to hit the mall or any public place with internet so that I can have a house unity chat and whatnot with you lovely people!

Anyway, a friend on my f-list asked what our goals were and how we wanted to achieve them. Here's what I basically told her:
My Goals: Make enough money to move out, get financial aid, get associate's at city college, transfer to a good college and major in Art (don't know what my sub-major will be), learn some life lessons, get a job at Disney/Disney's Pixar, make a name for myself, get my own flat, travel the world and do philanthropic things along the way. That would be so amazing.

How I'll Get There: Wing it.

I'd like to ask you guys the same thing! It could be anything: getting your license, buying that Supernatural DVD box-set you've been meaning to get, school, home, nabbing Jensen Ackles as a boyfriend, anything! LAY IT ON ME AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS WHO SHARE THE SAME DREAM (OR DON'T SHARE THE SAME DREAM)!

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