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A Few Fun Changes

Now, in response to accountingwitch's points analysis here are the suggestions that we are implementing. These are already under way and have been discussed with the mods and leaders. They will or have already made posts about them that go into far more detail. In the order I hit them in my inbox:


HiH now has a (mostly complete) timezone converter. I would ask all officials and just generally the whole community that whereever possibly you refer to times in UTC and your local zone. (Local zone is optional).


They've got a whole new points system, mostly to bring SQ, WB, HI and Flourish in line with each other. See their userinfo for more details. They've also got points for betas and a new points cap of 125 pts a week, with exceptions (heavily-ruled exceptions) for big bang fics.

Writer's Block

They've got the same points system as Sugarquill, and the same points cap of 125 pts a week. They keep their bonus items. They've also got fic amnesty day. For 24 hours a month, date announced at the beginning of the month, people can post fic that don't correspond to one of the challenges to WB. There's also some other fun changes, head over there to find out more!

Hogwarts Icons

They're pretty small. They've still got their 125pts a week cap. Their points have been raised slightly: 8pts for banners, 12pts for wallpapers.


Not much changed here! They're going to be awarding a nifty prize to the shop that is most awesome, I believe with criteria relating to inter-house orders, etc. See over there for more details.

They're also no longer dealing in fanart and their points are changing slightly. 8pts for banners and 30pts for journal layouts (With CSS Coding) and 18pts for a basic mood theme and 25pts for a full one.


They're keeping their IotM, with the criteria slightly changed. And their scavenger hunts are either halfing in points or frequency. The choice is of the Insomniacs mod and I believe she's opted for a drop in frequency.


You've already noticed the back-up judges, and now judges will also be paid 3knts an appeal.


They're now able to give out 10pts a week to the member with the best/most elaborate/etc vote. Each house is allowed to decided this as they want as each house had such different and very house-y ideas. They should be rotated with not the same person constantly winning.

Great Hall/Platform

The Great Hall (hih_greathall) now belongs to the Platform mod. I hope she enjoys it! XD It's also open to all members.


Officials salaries have been altered, these can be found in the officials comm.

Points Cap

I'm relaxing it, but it's all still based on my opinion, and if you have a problem we can get Steph in fora second opinion :)

Comments? Questions? Anything?
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