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Now remember, I don't like doing this :(

In regards to the recent drama, we've decided we're going to have to start docking points.

But first, I'd like to say all pranks, etc, need approval from Steph or I. This is how it was before, I'm not sure how I let it get out of hand. But yes. This include Gryff or Dare.

Now, to the deductions:

10pts from Hufflepuff for the drama-inducing post in the main community.
10pts from Slytherin for responding to drama and helping to keep it going.
50pts from Gryffindor for the thoughtless post and their responses to the drama.

Mindy will be staying as Quidditch mod. We feel she is competent and has learnt her lesson.

And that's the end of that. Any issues, please come see Steph and I.

Also, who's excited about tomorrow?? I am!

Also, come join us in houseunity on AIM, chatchatchatting away!
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