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Attention All Ravenclaws!

Most of you should have seen the house cleaning post in the common room a few weeks ago, but I'm also mentioning it here, just in case y'all missed it.

Because I'm busy this weekend, I'm giving y'all a few more days to go comment on the housecleaning post if you are still a participating member of this community. So if you're still intersted in being a part of our house, please go comment there. Anyone who has not commented yet by the time I get back from Phoenix Sunday night will be considered to have graduated and will be removed from the community members list.

Of course, should you wish to return at a later time, you can come back and link me to your sorting app that proves you are a 'Claw or re-apply for sorting at platform_934. This is just a way of cleaning our the members list and getting a more accurate representation of who is still here with us, since we have over 100 members, but only a few people who ever post or comment on anything.
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