Stephanie (lotrangel17) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Hiatus Limit

Now that we have the weekly Order Lottery going on all four houses are trying to keep their members list up to date so that if a name is pulled it's an active person who should have the banner and link in their user info earning their house 25 points. And if you don't then why don't you ;)

With that in mind we are setting a hiatus limit of 4 months. If you have been on hiatus for longer than 4 consecutive months you will be taken off of your common room, the main community and all sub communities. We feel that 4 months, the length of a term, should be sufficient for you to decide if you need to just leave HiH altogether or get active.

And remember that most everyone is welcome to come back if they've left on good terms and can go back into their previous house - all you need to do is contact a Mod or even the prefects. There have been a lot of people coming back lately and we love seeing that!

Any questions and such let me know.
Tags: mod post, term xiv, useful

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