sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

I want someone to carry out an analysis and essentially write me a report on the value of a point in hih. I'd like them to carry out research by various methods, including talking to officials, leaders and members, polling the community, etc, and looking at the history of activities and their participation. I'd like them to come up with suggestions on changes to the point systems and activities rotas within hih, and discuss it through with myself and Steph. and, in return, I'll give the person...knuts. Or something. Who knows. I'm more interested in someone that's interested in the task.

I'd like someone who can think, plan and carry out the tasks and will use me as a sounding board, or anyone they want, really, for ideas.

Essentially we're looking at reviewing how many points certain activities give out, and how often certain activities are carried out. We're talking things like WB points vs Sugarquill points. Or Insomniacs running 4 scavenger hunts but Wilderness only being allowed two.

I'd happily listen and give feedback throughout. I don't mind people doing it in pairs or alone, just, not really in big groups?

So yes. What I want now is people to respond with proposals of how they'd carry this out and any related ideas. I'll accept these until thrusday evening, and then I'll pick someone.


Thanks guys!

ETA: I also need someone to police FAQs. Essentially every subcomm in HiH should have a FAQ, I need someone to go through, check them, check they're up to date and contain everything they should and if they don't, email the relevant moderator and suggest the changes. Or email me. I'm not too fussed over which. So yes, any volunteers for that?

ETA2: I also need someone to write a guide to the system if they feel brave enough? One no new members and one for new officials? This would include diagon and other areas. I'd give you guys access to it all and you could ask me questions. I'd like screenshots too. Any volunteers?

ETA3:Probably something else.

ETA4: ALSO, anyone got any other ideas for areas of improvement?
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