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Text Contest Results!

Here are the results for the text contest!

1st place - Slytherin - jupluna and hackergroupie YAY!
2nd place - Ravenclaw - semirose and lenabee
3rd place - Gryffindor - awesomeness and tangerinesidhe

Congrats to these people for being the only ones to actually enter the contest. The next contest is going to be MUCH easier and I better get more particiapation, cause as any of the official's can tell you...its going to be FUN!

Juppy of Slytherin
Contest Leader

PS: The numerals above are linked to the official text contest banners should those people wish to post them. They are not contest specific, nor month specific, it is just a way to show that you've won. Please save to your own server though and do not direct link. Thank you!
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