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Potter Party

You might have seen this in the Claw common room but I'm reposting here as well

My birthday is today (i'm turning 24) and since I won't be celebrating I thought I would bring you the itinerary of sorts for this epic hp birthday party I planned for a friend. We are still going to do this but we're moving it to October 1st-ish. So if anyone is in or will be in the San Diego, CA area and would like to come we would love for you to do that. The more the merrier is how this party works.Just pm or email me

Here is our rough Party Guidelines

sent HP style. Green ink on parchment paper, address is designed to mimic Harry’s acceptance letter so we have to find out where everyone lives before hand. Insert an RSVP card. Stamped with melted wax and a little bit of feather fluff in there.
- party should start arriving around 4ish at the latest and expect it to run until close to midnight
- Participants must come dressed in an HP inspired costume. It could be as simple as wearing your grad robes and maybe a witch/wizards hat.

Sorting Ceremony:

need a hat which we can place upon the person’s head. (I could make one) Sorting Hat song is sung. Houses need equal representation so students can either pick a colored stone from a bag (anonymously) or complete a 10 question sorting exam. In which I and 2 others on the sorting counsel will then sort you. We then hand out house badges to wear. Each house decides on a prefect who will be in charge of leading their fellow students around and getting them to complete as many point giving tasks as possible.
- wands will also be given out at this time. (decorated dowels)
- little booklets to record notes or any special pamphlets (I.e. today’s Daily Prophet) will also be given (especially for prefects)
-quill with ink
-a cauldron to hold all of this in
- introduce point system: each flat colored marble earned = one point and should be deposited in the correct house bowl. Points are awarded for participating/winning a game.

The Feast in the great Hall:
Food is very important!!! I’m thinking potluck which makes it easier for us.. Plus we’ll have a few traditional British eats.
- fire whiskey will be present and can be consumed by people over 21
- butter beer will also be present
- pumpkin juice
- mead
- elf made wine
- soft drinks
*find goblets or make decoupage glass dishes to look like gold.
Big HP related cake for Laura and I to celebrate our mutual birthdays and anyone else who has a birthday soon.

House Common Room bonding time
This is where our teams get to know one another, plan strategy if need be. Start working on the HP skit.

- clases will be rotated every 20 minutes or so
-opportunities to earn house points
This is your chance to show off your major or maybe just how well you can bullshit

Potions (chemistry/cooking) (needs a Potions Teacher; will solicit in invitation): find a simple sample of an experiment that can be done safetly that involves different processes, color changes, mixing of ingredients, chopping etc.

Divination (needs prof): Tarot card reading, tea leaf reading in a room with rugs, insence and weird lamps

Herbology (needs teacher): replanting mystical plants, botany, etc

DADA (needs teach): expecto patronum discussions, what would yours be? Practice saying the spells while casting (thus we all look ridiculous) we could have balloons with thin layers of black material to represent dementors. That way we can fight them off.

CoMC: play with my pets :D aka life of a kneazle

House Unity Event
- Harry Potter Scene it (~30-45 minutes) àa means to earn house points
- watch a Harry Potter movie of our choice (drinking game optional)

Outside Activities occurring during the Party
Scavenger Hunt: find HP related objects around the room (each object equal 1 point). Some are easy and obvious but others are not. Some may require justification to receive points. All objects in play will be marked by a sticker on the bottom of it.

Mini plays: Have your house come up with a 1-2 minutes sketch based on Harry Potter

Other Things
Harry Potter music will be played as ambience, Lit candles on the table and side tables, Worn down candles and others around

Party Ends when we are all drunk and tired ;)
No really we declare who’s house won and what their super special secret prize will be.

Parting Gift will be one skiving snack box full of candy.
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