Amie (dependonyou) wrote in hogwartsishome,

So, If A Puff Had A Kicking Community-Wide Event Idea...?

Whom would she propose this idea to? Inspired by a puzzle made for a previous event (that didn't get used for the event but was shared with our team), I've come up with this (imho) great idea and I'd love to see if other people would be interested or would think it was something we could do. It would involve multiple HiH clubs/societies/etc., and I think it would work well under the House Unity umbrella as well. It would be a big undertaking, and I would be glad to help pull things together, but I'm in no position to run an event, let alone a multi-club one, since I'm not a moderator in any capacity. >.> So... any suggestions?
Tags: term xiv

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