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Daily Prophet 19th July Issue4 Term XIV


Term XIV, Issue 04                                                                                                                              July 19, 2009

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
Registered Animagus
HP Character
Quidditch Player

Writing Activities:

Icon Making Activities:

Sponsored Shops

Gryffindor Shops! Slytherin Shops!

Hufflepuff Shops! Ravenclaw Shops!

Attention Shop Owners!
Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

By caketime

Decrypt the following passages:


Tip Q = F


TIP: R = N

Decryption help: here
More tips: here
Go here to post the decrypted passages and where they are from.
Participation points: 10 points
Submission at this post by Thursday July 30th Midnight EDT

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. Make sure you join your common room and then check out a bunch of the activities listed here. Also, please check out page 3 for fun in-house news! We hope you'll have a great time at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

The Prophet needs new writers! We have three positions available and are desperate for substitute writers. If you're interested in making up to 20 points for your House each month (with 8 knuts all for yourself of course) then sign up at this post now!


Ravenclaw Correspondent
Quidditch/Hogsmeade correspondent

Details at the signup post.

Write to Dumbles
Dumbles has taken a quick vacation and hopefully will be back soon. In the meantime you can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XIV, Issue 04                                                                                                                                         Page 2

hh_sugarquill hh_writersblock
By nathaniel_hp

The Writing Spotlight is back in the spotlight again!

hh_sugarquill and hh_writersblock have been busy places in the last couple of months, and I would first of all like to whet your appetite for HiH's amazing writing talent with a couple of recs.

rhye wrote The man in 119, a Remus ficlet which shows him at what was probably the worst time in his life. A time when he was well and truly alone, and chose to be.

black, white and red all over by latenightcuppa is a Grindelwald-centric ficlet which captures Grindelwald's madness and his feelings for Albus and those about Albus's actions.

The more poetically inclined should check out Lost Legacy, a Salazar Slytherin poem by silveredaccents.

Or maybe you have a liking for minor characters? Have a look at accountingwitch's Mrs Zabini fic Thoughtful.

HiH's biggest Grindeldore fan trivalent has started what looks to become an epic Grindeldore drabble fic using all of hh_writersblock's prompts in chronological order. What a fantastic idea!
You can find the first nine drabbles here, here and here.

Please be sure to check out the comms for more gems as I couldn't possibly have listed all of them here. Don't forget to show your appreciation by leaving some feedback.

And last but not least, for the love of all that is rare:
Would you like to spread your writing wings with something a little out of the ordinary? hh_writersblock's newest prompt is "rare pairings". What are you waiting for? Give a rarepair some love. *cough*Remus/Ron*cough*

Don't forget to read, write and be merry! Post lots of great fics at hh_sugarquill and hh_writersblock. Who knows, maybe next time you'll be in the spotlight.

hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
By willfully

There's a little something for everyone in hh_sugarquill this time around. It's always a pleasure for me to see a post from maaiker of Ravenclaw, and even more exciting to see two incredibly poignant pieces involving the Malfoy men: Pleading, involving a very humbled and frustrated Lucius, and Stressed, an elegantly simple drawing of Draco, who looks about as exhausted and fed up as I do right now. There is also a piece for Hermione fans in the same post, a sketch called Waking, which conveys a satisfied leisure that I would love to have myself.

And on the lighter side of things, drakie_cakie of Slytherin - whose less conventional and wonderfully quirky themes are quickly winning a soft spot in my heart, no matter who the characters are - posted Forgetting Paris, an adorable pencil sketch of Albus Severus and Scorpius dressed to the nines, holding hands, and sharing a baguette.

Meanwhile, in the graphics department, I have been enjoying many of the icons posted in hogwartsicons lately. enchantedteacup demonstrates quite a bit of talent with using textures - a trick that I have yet to master, and thus find particularly impressive. Her two posts (here and here) are mostly Harry-centric, but Rita Skeeter and even the Philosopher's stone make appearances. Also, canarycream of Slytherin posted mostly HBP icons, for those who have seen the latest film, and alwaysawkward posted a tribute to the magical woman behind the whole series, our very own J.K. Rowling.

Last but certainly not least, congratulations are due to the winners of the latest contests in sortedchallenge! In Challenge 7, alexander of Slytherin took home the gold; graveofdreams of Ravenclaw placed first in Challenge 8, and pierhias of Ravenclaw took the top spot in Challenge 9. Voting for Challenge 10 will be up soon, so keep an eye out for that!

By rhye

Hello clubbers! In the name of unity, I'm trying a new format. Spectacular works of art, comedy, and fiction used to get lost in the maze of glitter and sweat that is the club scene, but no more! Here's a quick run-down:

- keropi080 placed first for showing Gryffindor colors in this fantastic marching band photo.

- Yours truly designed a new S.P.E.W. badge that you can now see in Diagon

- The Music Club completed a "Write a Musical" activity that you can read here, but I'll warn you-- it doesn't make a ton of sense!

- wawwhite interviewed Hagrid and picked his brain on Hippogriffs; view the results here! It really is not to be missed.

- Maybe wawwhite did so well because she had the help of her amazingly smart and hilarious and brave friend Shashalittazooey Serrenna Moonbeamme.

- jethros_mom's pithy Twilight epilogue, #4 here, placed first in the epilogue challenge. I won't spoil you with the ending :X

- erzsebet has the scoop on Lockhart's sorting.

- The Smarmy Society celebrated the Fat Friar, and in first place again was erzsebet, with entry D here.

- pickle_breath won the "movement" Shutterbug photo challenge with this astounding image of a train.

- deadly_lemonade drew an exceptionally realistic rendition of Wild Wizard Baruffio's unfortunate encounter with a buffalo.

- accountingwitch wrote an award-winning drabble about Ron's delicious encounter with fanfic, here, entry #6.

- The Dueling Club held a cooperative writing activity. You can read everyone's drabbles & ficlets here.

- supremacy_born divulged a rather colorful secret involving Salazar Slytherin here.

- trivalent wrote about Gwenog Jones here, for the Slug Club, entry #2.

In more newsly news, chewyyyyyy has stepped down as Charms leader, to be replaced by moony_blues. pretty_liquor retired from the Divinations Club, and has since been replaced by sparklycockles.

In addition, Shutterburg, S.P.E.W., and Herbology added new items at Diagon Alley. Order then at Diagon Alley On-Line.

Don't forget the CURRENT TAG. She is your bestest date to Clubs.

By lotrangel17

hih_insomniacs is still the place to be between the hours of Midnight and 8 AM! June finished up strong with 4, yes 4! members vying for the title of Insomniac of the Month. A shout out goes to et_tu_lj of Ravenclaw, zestyzorra of Gryffindor, lotrangel17 of Hufflepuff (who, me?) and msninacat of Ravenclaw. All four completed the monthly contest and all four scavenger hunts but like with all things there can be only one top cat and this time it's a Nina Cat! A big congrats to msninacat for being June Insomniac of the Month!

July's first activity, Pimp my Headmaster, found supremacy_born of Slytherin coming in first place, corky_dork of Gryffindor coming in second and nokitas of Ravenclaw with third. Overall Gryffindor earned the most points, Ravenclaw was just behind, Slytherin was next and sadly my fellow Puffs were last. Come on Puffs, let's have a great showing on the next activity!

The scavenger hunts are where the points are here at hih_insomniacs. The first Scavenger Hunt: Blockbusterin' found Ravenclaw in first with 120 points, Gryffindor in second with 90 points, Slytherin third with 60 points and Hufflepuff in last place with 40 points. Scavenger Hunt #2: Ron Weasley found awesome participation again from the Eagles earning 110 Points. Gryffindor was second with 80 points, the Badgers earned 50 points and the Snakes with 30 points. You still have time to check out Scavenger Hunt #3: The Great Outdoors until Sunday, July 19th at 10pm CDT. Just be sure and post during your local Insomniac hours.

Also, don't forget to check out the Friday Five at this post and you can even check out the one from the week before. Remember, anyone can post at hih_insomniacs so if you are up late and need some company, make a post there and get some late night conversation going!

Until we meet again, remember the famous words of Benjamin Franklin: "Fatigue is the best pillow."

By accountingwitch

Hello again, all you Animagi! We have a number of new Animagi joining us in the forest this time around:

In addition, we're waiting on four new applicants to choose a form and join in the fun! Speaking of new applicants, an EXTRA SPECIAL SUPER AWESOME JOB to all the houses for turning up in force, especially the Hufflepuffs for your domination!

Meanwhile, Slytherins have been taking over the latest activity results: What's That Noise? and the second June scavenger hunt saw Slytherins making up half of the participants. To all Gryffindors, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws: COME ON GUYS! WE'VE GOT TO BEAT THEM BACK!

At the time of posting, two activities are due to close: create a fable and the scavenger hunt. Go go go!

Want some knuts, points and a wicked-awesome animal form? You'll have to apply for registration first: purchase Miranda Goshawk's The Standard Book of Spells, vol. 1-5 from Flourish & Blotts, then fill in the application. It's quite easy and fun, and voting on your application gives everyone in the community a chance to earn even more points (and knuts)! YAY POINTS!

And be sure to find a particularly active *nudgenudgewinkwink* Animagus in the community, for the Wilderness awards them five bonus points toward monthly activities for any referral! Come on, bonus points!

By rhye

Last month, Slytherin were the champions of the Creature-Induced Injuries Ward, as they had the most skill in diagnosing the creature-induced injuries we've been seeing in our emergency clinic. Well done!

They likewise were victorious in the Common Magical Diseases Ward. slyfoxesq came up with an excellent advisory for Dragon Pox Awareness! Heed its warning!

The Ward of Magical Psychiatry held a discussion about the obliviate charm. Gryffindor beat Slytherin by only 2 points.

This month, St. Mungo's healers and friends participated in a drabble-a-thon to earn rice for the hungry via freerice.com. Hufflepuff came out on top. You can read four pages of drabbles set in St. Mungo's right here.

The Ward of Magical Psychiatry has already posted their July activity: the ward is collecting essays on the differences between wizarding and muggle brains. Look out for the Creature Induced Injuries and Common Magical Maladies wards' activities for the month, and there will probably be a second main comm activity as well!

St. Mungo's is still hiring Ward Leaders. Go here to learn more about this position, or to apply.

Currently, St. Mungos has three wards:
Common Magical Diseases - hiddengrace, Attending
Creature-Induced Injuries - slyfoxesq, Attending
Magical Psychiatric Ward - silveredaccents, Attending

If you are not yet feel ready to take on a ward, go here to sign up to be a healer or healer-in-training. You'll earn extra points for St. Mungo's activities, and the privileges to move up the ranks to full Healer and to Ward Leader with time.

St. Mungo's would like to take this opportunity to recognize those few faithful individuals who have recently graduated to Healership:

accountingwitch (R), Specialty: Limb Replacement
destinyfroste (G), Specialty: Magical Psychiatry
willfully (S), Specialty: Magical Diseases
jessilestrange (G), Specialty: Nursing
zestyzorra (G), Specialty: Magical Psychiatry
trivalent (S), Specialty: Magical Psychiatry

Our hospital, and your patients, will be lucky to have you.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XIV, Issue 04                                                                                                                                         Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By alohachary1851

The East India Company have increased their defensive tactics making it impossible for pirates to do their pirately duty. In doing so, the Lions of Haus Gryffindor have been doing their lionly duty of lounging under the warm (or incredibly hot) summer sun emerging late in the night to flail via crow's nests instant messengers over Southern Vampires, Spacemen, and Singers in Eyeliner.

The Lion's Den welcomes some new and loverly lions to the fold: dalmasca, quite_fetching, lanc_dash, bellipotens, si_delicat, spoonys, sillysydney, mm2281990, ambersolace, amazingly_me! May you forever uphold the great standard of LULZ brought to this house by those before ye.

The Gryffindor House has been competing to come up with the most clever saying for the animal mascot COURAGE LION. WHAT IS COURAGE LION, you find yourself asking with booming voice and puffed out chest. Advice Dog and Courage Wolf not ringing any bells? Courage Lion is the fiercest of lions advising in Propaganda Poster form all ye who are not of the Noble House of Gryffindor on how to display Gryffindor traits, as well as reminding Gryffindors as to how to maintain their Gryffindor flair. Inspirational and satirical, wise and nonsensical, Courage Lion, why so wise?

Aside from the in-house, you may be asking yourself (and depending on your house, your tone of voice may be caring or amused) "Where the hell is Gryffindor?" The answer to this question is: We are everywhere and we are nowhere. Or on at the wee hours of the morning to do absolutely nothing. The most correct answer is: We are busy tweeting away especially with the resurrection of the long dead (since June of 2009) Twitter: GryffLoins. It seemed like such a shame to many that it died so soon after its birth on May Day that the Prefects in a stroke of boredom generosity, and to help the overburdened activity reminders, to revive it. And thus the Loins are back and as usual, require no need of a stimulus for its package.

A REMINDER TO ALL GRYFFS (in the event they actually read their corner of the paper): I KNOW YOU ARE ENJOYING YOUR SUMMER. WEAR SUNSCREEN, SAVE YOUR SKIN. I know you love Gryffindor red, but one place it is not allowed (unless it is paint) is on your LOVELY COUNTENANCE (and.. you know, other skin)

Chary out.

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Secret Agents
By jethros_mom

Hey my wonderful badgers!!! Welcome to the newest edition of the Puff Corner. So much to tell you about in this edition.

First I'd like to give a warm badger welcome to our newest Puffs: muffinpatronus, shanima, lastyearswishes, sobitxx, solookup, autumn_veela, minutesto12, nowgold, wee_little_me, that_september, and teedee_lala!

Now for congratulations! classical_wolf placed third in the MCS Drabble, erzsebet for placing second in the Slug Club's Before they were famous, pickle_breath placed first and cheesephetamine placed second in Shutterbug's movement activity, lotrangel17 placed second in S.P.E.W's badge contest, erzsebet came in third in the Young Death Eaters Trivia, laurahonest placed second and pickle_breath placed with best color in Sorted Challenge's seventh challenge, indigo_inferno won the special category in Sorted Challenge's sixth challenge of the term, and last but definitely not least erzsebet gave Hufflepuff a second place victory in Sorted Challenge's fifth challenge of the term! WAY TO GO PUFFS! You guys rock the common room!

Hogsmeade brought out the Puffs in force! pickle_breath was our social director and she did an amazing job. I've also given her permission to spam the common room with her social posts and I think I might be regretting that soon (just kidding Tracy!!! ILU!). tunnels_of_loce placed third in MCS's Scavenger Hunt, pickle_breath placed third in Scrivenshaft's Sticky Poetry Contest and second in Potions Club!!

Congratulations to the entire Hufflepuff house for placing first in the Herbology Berry Blend!!! WAY TO GO PUFFS!

Also, I want to remind the Puffs that we have some great shops over at hh_flourish but we could always use MOAR!!! I know we have a ton of talented Puffs out there who would do well with a shop of their very own. We only have 9 shops out of a possible 14!!!! So come on... Apply for a shop today!!!

Now that all that's over my lovely puffies, remember xfortytwo's S.A.B. Missions and my Puff of the Month contest's going on and don't forget about the sorting awards! Get out there and participate!!!! There are a LOT of activities going on over at hh_clubs as well as hih_insomniacs!

Also, I want to give a shout out to all the VERY VERY VERY brave Hufflepuffs (as well as other houses) who are on one of the hh_order's Stone Teams.. You guys have like a brilliance that I do not possess because those tasks are HARD!!! Keep up the good work and LET'S GO PUFFS!!!!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By accountingwitch

It's been a while since we've had new Claws in the Tower, so say hello to quinnzel/Myooze, starryeyedstara/Amie, unnecessary_/Sylwia and awelcomearrow/Leander! These Claws have already leapt talon-first into the communities:

  • Myooze owns Absolution, a Flourish shoppe!
  • Amie took third in Herbology's Name That Plant!
  • Sylwia wants to know what ideas are bumping around your head!
  • Leander...will do something soon! (RIGHT?)

That's not to say that they're the only Ravenclaws being active! What about:

AWESOME JOB GUYS! And they're only part of the charge that's seeing Ravenclaws come back in force: we're flocking back to activities such as Sorters Anonymous' Hybrid Sorting Discussion, the Restricted Section's Book Meme, Quidditch's Locker Room Art and what should be considered our second tower, the Insomniacs!

With all this team spirit flooding the communities, why aren't we seeing more participation in the In-House Contest?! Our super-secret plan to show that Ravenclaw is a kicking and screaming house needs more support! Come on out and cheer on your fellow Ravenclaws! See lunar47's/Ariel's FABULOUS example of what we should all be doing! This activity should be a snap for everyone, so GO GO GO.

Need a place to start commenting? How about the links I just showed you, or skim Ravenclaw Flourish Shoppes for very pretty updates (and possibly a few orders? *nudgenudgewinkwink*). Or even the Tower itself, where mynamelessname/Anie, my fellow co-prefect, has redone the layout for a sleeker and more streamlined look!

Finally, if you want to get to know us a little better, I've started adding Clawchat times and a link to the #vikingprefect Twitter account to the bottom of each week's Activity Post. (Note that updates are protected, so you might want to shoot one of us a message that whatshisname is actually you!)

Claws, I'm so happy that we're working so hard! It brings a tear to my eye...




(er, I'll de-summon the lightning before you guys go)

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Mafia
By supremacy_born

That's right, you got it! The Slytherin Section is back on the air again! My name is Eve and I am going to be your ambiguous host for the foreseeable future.

Slytherins, as you might already know by now, are always up to something. In January we were preparing our great Slytherin Yearbook, where everyone could add their little mark to the grand design. Last month the Slytherin Superlatives were announced, and it was interesting to see that while some snakes were plotting to Take Over the World and become Successful Con Artists, some were more interested in being Fuzzy Bunnies and Decorating the Dungeons in Cheery Colors and Designs. When the time came to decide what we were going to do with our newly won House Cup for our latest In-House contest, the suggestions were many and extremely creative. Suffice it to say that if Ravenclaws see a sudden reflection of sunlight during the upcoming Quidditch match, it had nothing to do with the House Cup. Currently, there's a very interesting debate going on in the common room regarding the lives of our fellow canon Slytherins – and it is not too late to join in on the fun here.

With two wonderful months of Slytherin domination under our belt in this new term, we snakes are definitely showing that our previous House Cup victory was not a one-time wonder, and we intend on using the House Cup for margaritas and other yummy things for many more months to come. The dungeons have also been buzzing with activity as our snakelings vigorously prepare themselves for the forthcoming Philosopher's Stone challenge, and several teams have already been formed, ready and hungry for action. Slytherins should certainly never be underestimated, and I think that everyone should certainly know that by now. ;)

It's time to welcome some wonderful new additions to our House of Awesome! They have already had their share of margaritas and other beverages in their welcoming parties in the dungeons, but what snake doesn't enjoy seeing their name in the bright lights of the Daily Prophet? Welcome to our ranks asphyxiette, seethingheathen, kandigurl, stolenfairytale, skitsosquirrel, scytheweasel, gtianbra, trickery, alexander, sk_chan, _shaomao_, painlessthrill and psunym! We hope you'll enjoy your stay here in the New Cheerily Decorated Dungeons and help us continue our run of awesomeness towards world domination another House Cup victory. Win Win Slytherin!

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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