sas the investigative hedgehog (theaeblackthorn) wrote in hogwartsishome,
sas the investigative hedgehog

Diagon Alley

Hi guys!

Right, I've deposited the knuts for June! Go! Spend!

And, updates:

1. You can now turn images off on the site, in your filter options. It's a temporary solution whilst I work around a couple of issues.
2. I've not sorted out missing items yet. I'll probably do it later this evening though.

Identified areas of improvement:

3. Allow Diagon Mod to edit owned items.
4. Change owned_items page to display items for only one shop, or all shops. Let the user control which owned items they're viewing.
5. Allow users to register their own vaults
6. Sort the problem with viewing all columns on the items owned page
7. Allow users to 'destroy' (delete) items.
8. Group bought points into one item.
9. Allow names for pets & messages for street peddler items.

Now, is there anything else anyone else would like on the system? ALSO, would anyone be interested in skinning the site? That is, providing a different css style sheet than the one is uses. Basically, almost the whole layout, except for a couple of hardcoded things, are controlled with one CSS sheet, like most livejournal layouts are. Infact, they're extremely similar. I built it like that because, well, I thought it might be fun. Anyway. If anyone would like to try and create one (with the eventual idea that people could make their own layouts for the site, then please contact me. There's a lot of places that, well, might need some tweaking, so it'd need to be someone who has patience.)

ALSO. Can anyone see any other suggestions for things for the site? Or things that they would like fixed?

- sas x
Tags: diagon alley, mod post, term xiv, the system

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