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Diagon Alley

So, sneaky things. With the help of the diagon mod, moony_blues, and data entry volunteers I bring you...

Diagon Alley on The System!!

No more waiting for knuts to be deposited or orders to go through, everything's instant now!!

  • You can't 'undo' a purchase, so be sure you want it before you hit 'buy'

  • You can't buy more than one of things such as broomsticks, it's noted on the pages, if you're found to have bought more than one, then the item will be taken away from you and your knuts will not be returned.

  • Shpadoinkles has made it over! You can buy as many points as you want, and at the end of the Term they'll be added to the totals

*coughs* we also introduced perishable items. Pets don't live forever now, sorry guys! (Although I *might* introduce a section to let you name them...Anyone like that?

Owned Items

Owned items can be found here. It defaults to show you your items, but you can add ?username=AUSERNAME onto the end to view a different users or link directly to your items. You can also use the drop down box in the view. For example, if I wanted to link someone directly to my owned items I'd give them:

Don't have an account?

Want to buy things but don't have an account on The System?? It's easy! Just go over to register, select your username and register. If you've previously been registered and have forgotten your password, you'll need to reply to the comment down below and I'll reset your account there.

Got a problem? Missing an owned item?

Now, there were a lot of owned items to go through and there's bound to have been a few glitches. So, if there are any problems, you own an item you didn't before, you're missing an item, etc, just comment to the correct comment below, with a link to the owned items section in diagon and I'll try to fix it.

Well? What do you guys think?? Feel free to comment whereever if it's not a specific issue! :)

p.s. I haven't put this months knuts in until you guys are sure it's just like it looks in the Diagon community

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