Deborah Ruth דבורה רות (devils_sidekick) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Deborah Ruth דבורה רות

Let's Play a Game - ABCs of Harry Potter

It's been pretty quiet around the common room and I would like to get to know some of my fellow HIHers better, so I decided to play a game.

This game is the ABCs of Harry Potter. It is the same thing as the ABC game except you use things that have to with all things Harry Potter.

An example of how to play (giving examples of the regular version, so you can get the idea)

A - apple
B - Banana
C - Cake
D - Donut

and so on

Don't worry if you find out that you posted something and someone just posted before you, it is all in fun and no points will be given out. Leave what you wrote there and go on to the next one. :)

I will start off with people in the Harry Potter World, you can go by either first names or last. If someone already used the name previously try to use a different name.

For example if some already used Dolorus Umbridge for D try to use someone else for U.

If you get stuck on something, here a link to the HP Lexicon

The person who does Z, pick a new topic and start a new game, just remember it has to have something to do with Harry Potter.

You can sign with you name and house if you wish but its not required.

Have Fun!!!!
Tags: social post, term xiv

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