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Final Warning

Eh...that makes it all sound so evil...sorry. ^_^;

Just informing you all that this is the last reminder you will get about the deadline for the March text contest. All entries MUST be recieved by March 28th Midnight EST. Remember...the rules can be found HERE!!! which is also where you are to post your entries in comments. So far no entries have been entered...but that should change by weeks end. (It better change by weeks end. XD)

Also...don't forget that the next Hogsmeade Weekend is April 8-10. For those of you wanting to start up a shop...rules and an application form have been posted in get on over there and check it out. There are also a few added rules to the Hogsmeade user info page that I hope you will all read and follow. Nothing major just some rules on posting graphics and some simple directions for how to use the LJ-cuts.
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