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System thinggggsss....

Hi All!

Some more updates to the System, mainly because the loading time for the new pages was driving me mad. It was because it loaded everything and then just hid the stuff you didn't want to see.

Now each tab reloads the page differently. The new method involves using GET variables to control what you're viewing. That is, you know the url was:

And it went to your default view and you could mess about from there. Now the URL will look something like:

With the new bits being:

  • default_view=Approved

  • sort_sd=2009-06-01

  • sort_ed=2009-06-30

Which as you might guess, are holding your default filter values when you first load the page.

As you go to view different 'tabs' on the page, then different values will be places into the default_view. Changing the dates you're viewing will changes the sort_sd and sort_ed.

If you enter no variables, it defaults to your default filter values.

Which means things will just be a tad quicker for people using the system. And none of you need to do anything. Explained here is just a cool use of it. However, if someone wants to point someone else to a specific page/tab/date view combination thing, they can simply navigate there using their version of the system and copy the URL to another person and they'll be able to see.

This holds for the officialspanel.php (Manage Activities) and the pendingactivities.php (Approve Activities) views as well. Although as always officialspanel will only show a user activities from communities they're listed as the mod of.

I also did some other hih mod features. And there's a random member generator, which was requested for The Order. Hm.
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