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Diagon Alley Update - May 2009

Apologies for the Delay!
Sorry for the slight delay on this deposit, everyone. I had a really busy weekend, so I had to squeeze it in between activities. It is done now, and all of the shops were restocked last week. I'll get to filling orders again on Wednesday. :)

Attention New Members!
The following members have earned knuts but do not appear to have reserved their vaults at this time:
Please make sure to reserve your vault before June 30 or you will lose your knuts from May! If you have changed your username, please let me know so I can update the lists!

Some Reminders
Though I gave a little bit of leeway this month, please remember in the future that you cannot spend your forthcoming knuts until they have been deposited, especially if you are new and do not have any knuts to spend yet. Sas posts the points and knuts balances, but those knuts are not spendable until they've been deposited into your vault.

As you're purchasing items, please double-check your balances and unfilled purchases before placing an order. If you don't have enough knuts to fill the order, you won't receive the item and your balance will be set to -5 knuts until the next time knuts are deposited. It's your responsibility to make sure that you don't overdraw. :)

Finally, it's a good idea to count the orders before yours to make sure that the item you want isn't going to sell out before I get to your order. We had this happen a few times in Flourish & Blotts last month. Just be mindful of stock volume. :)

Top Items from May
May was a pretty busy month for some of the shops. Our top-selling items were:
  • Olivander's Wands - The Excelsior sold more than 80%.
  • Flourish & Blotts - There must have been a lot of Animagus applications lately, because The Standard Books of Spells Vols. 1-5 all sold out. We also sold out of Home Life and Social Habits of British Muggles (030) and One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi (043).
  • Apothecary and Cauldron Shop - Crystal Balls, Antique Telescopes, and Star Charts were in high demand.
  • Quidditch Quality Supplies - Quaffles, bludgers, and snitches flew off the shelves. Literally.

Street Peddler
Two gifts this month!

Chocolate Frog with HARRY POTTER Wizard Trading Card
To: sparklycockles
From: rhye
Message: Good luck Dueling!

Chocolate Frog
To: jethros_mom
From: hiddengrace
Message: You make a rockin prefect! ILU BB!

Thanks to everyone for your attention! ♥
Rachel (moony_blues)//Diagon Mod
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