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Note from your friendly Diagon Mod!

Greetings fellow Hogwarts students!

I've had some things come up, so I will not be able to make the deposit tonight after the knuts drop. *gasp* Never fear! I have restocked the shops and swept them clean, so you can go ahead and start ordering after the drop post has been made. I'll give everyone some leeway this month, since it's my fault for double-scheduling myself. :P Just be sure to double- and triple-check your balances to make sure you don't overdraw! Also, make sure to count the orders ahead of you to make sure we have enough stock to fill your order.

I will post the Diagon update, with complete news from the Alley, tomorrow during the mid-morning (CDT) hours. Until then, have fun!

♥ Rachel (moony_blues) ♥
Tags: diagon alley, term xiv

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