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Clubs Update

Wonderful debate, no?

Well on another note, many wonderful clubs have opened in hh_clubs.  The Animagus Club seems to have had a great turn out on their applications and I bet all of y'all are looking foreward to sporting your new banners.  Please do so and with pride!  The Charms Club has also been open for awhile though I've heard from the leader (medens_lupus, that he's still hoping a few more people will join so that will be up and hopping.  The Restricted Section seems to be very well underway too, and having a great turn out.  The Potions Club is also up and running.  As is the Divination Club.  The Art Club even how has it's first assignment posted. :)  The Dueling Club seems to have a nice start and is already planning it's first challenge.  And finally, the DA application was posted today, so go join! :)  I hope to see more of you running around!

As a reminded to those, you must join before you can post (me and jay approve them as fast as we can when they hit our mailboxes).  And also, those who have an ID, you may now only put clubs that you are actually a member of on them.  That's all for the clubs update, so once the lovely debate is over, you can spend you time filling out applications! :p

Jen//Hufflepuff and DA Club Leader
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