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Activity On The Great Hall Bulletin Board?

A Hufflepuff with tightly braided--and yet somehow still incredibly messy--brown hair flitters to the bulletin board after repeated encouragement from a few of her friends. She pulls a colorful piece of parchment from her bag and, using a simple sticking charm, affixes it to the board next to someone's flier asking for any information on a lost Remembrall. She laughs nervously before dancing away and back to her waiting friends, who laugh and tease her until they make their way to their seperate tables.

The notice reads as follows:

Yesterday, during 3rd Year Slytherin/Griffindor Transfiguration class, I tossed my Remembrall aside in hopes that the professor wouldn't notice it. If you happened to pick up this item--

Oh, wait, you're reading the wrong notice. The one next to that, reads:

Kendrah, of Hufflepuff house, has entered a competition through The Original She is trying to win a crafting table for her dorm room, so that she will no longer glue feathers and beads to her dormmates' transfiguaration homework. The desk is of muggle origin, and will stand out a bit in the Hogwarts atmosphere, but it is very useful and probably won't even need any charms cast on it to hold all of her supplies. That's just how roomie it is! Genious what these muggles can come up with, right?

Despite her best efforts and the efforts of the Hufflepuff house to help her achieve this lofty goal, Kendrah needs more votes. The muggle competition is fierce. Won't you help her? If you would like to help, please place your vote here, once a day until the competition has ended! If you feel you wish to help further, please contact Kendrah. Thank you!


>.> Seriously though, I'd appreciate any votes I could get! I hope nobody minds this post. I'm just really excited about this chance. The race is a lot closer than it looks, because I have a lot of bonus points waiting for submission. If I win, I promise I'll do something awesome for the community as a whole. Maybe I'll put up a vote and write a longfic (or a few) on whichever topic/pairing the majority of the community wants? We'll see. But I'll be greatly in your debt, everyone! <3
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