hihdailyprophet (hihdailyprophet) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Shop Owners!

The Flourish shop banner submission post
has been sheared clean in half after many terms of light pruning - anyone with:

- incorrect tagging or incorrect image sizes
- old banners that the shop isn't currently using
- inactive shops
- hiatus status for more than three months

has been removed.  Sorry to be a pain, but that turned out to be A LOT of you.  Please come and check your banner is where it should be  - if it isn't, please pay careful attention to the guidelines in the post, and if you make a mistake and can't edit your original comment, resubmit entirely - it gets really difficult trying to follow comment threads each issue!

Gryffs, I particularly want to hear from you -  you guys have One. Shop. Left. Yikes!

Thank you to all, and welcome to new shop owners!

Tags: daily prophet, reminder, term xiv


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